The Business of Good Judgment:

Eric Dixon LLC

ERIC DIXON on the radio talking about the 2008-09 financial crisis and lack of criminal prosecutions.

It is dangerous to be an entrepreneur or business owner in today's culture.  New laws, new regulations and prosecutorial ambition put more entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and even public employees at risk of being unfairly investigated and wrongfully accused of claims that can bring civil lawsuits and even criminal prosecution!  These are potentially life-altering, destructive situations.  (Read Eric Dixon's research report on strategies for staying out of jail in an age of criminalized business, published by  You need - and deserve - a lawyer who is careful, patient and relentless in investigating to reveal the truth you need: Eric Dixon, a Yale Law School-trained lawyer with over 15 years of legal experience.

Eric Dixon LLC offers reputable, serious clients:

  • world-class, independent legal advice on business, estate, personal and political matters;
  • strategic advice and strategic consulting;
  • business due diligence;
  • investigative assistance and services;
  • litigation counseling, stress management and assertiveness training for people in severely stressful, life-altering negotiations, lawsuits or investigations; 

using an entrepreneurial approach, personal integrity and industriousness to solve your problems.  Eric Dixon LLC is the premium-quality alternative to the grossly-overpriced law firm which uses young, inexperienced and often careless lawyers to pad your bill.  Eric Dixon LLC offers a small-business-friendly, entrepreneur-friendly manner to clients who are equally reputable and serious about their sensitive matters.  Most importantly, you get the strategy, knowledge and experience of Eric Dixon.


An experienced investigative lawyer with a strong background in corporate, business and securities matters, Mr. Dixon often represents business, political and public leaders on discreet matters sometimes involving government regulatory inquiries.  Mr. Dixon's efforts have sometimes exposed serious wrongdoing.  Mr. Dixon also handles private equity and corporate matters, management issues and regulatory compliance including matters before the IRS.  Over the years, Eric Dixon has served as  an election lawyer to several former presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional campaigns.  

ERIC DIXON is a 1994 graduate of Yale Law School and a member of the New York Bar in good standing since 1995. He is also admitted to practice in New Jersey.

Regular commentator on Real Clear Markets, writing about legal and economic issues.  Quoted by USA Today regarding the recent "Bridgegate" scandal involving Governor Chris Christie, and the subject of this Newark Star-Ledger column also on "Bridgegate" and the state lawyers' investigative report. 

Member of Board of Directors of financial think tank Financial Policy Council which also has published numerous articles he has written.

Eric Dixon's Crime, Politics and Policy has broken stories or provided unique analysis picked up by, USA Today,  the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Newark Star-Ledger, WorldNetDaily, ESPN, the Huffington Post and


Former co-chair of the New York City Bar, Science and Law Committee's Technology Regulation Subcommittee and co-organizer of its Fall 2010 conference on technological threats to our civil rights.

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